Letters is Vinnie Hager’s genesis NFT collection which consists of 1000 hand illustrated 1 of 1 pieces. These 1000 pieces are uniquely titled and will fall under a rarity chart, with the top 10 rarest pieces being special color palettes and animated works.

Collectors of these genesis ‘Letters’ will have future utility in regards to subsequent drops, in person events, physical and digital airdrops, and art across all mediums.

What is the mint price?

Mint price per Letter is 0.1 ETH. There is a limit of one (1) transaction per wallet.

Minting will begin for whitelisted wallets only on Friday, October 29th, 9AM EST until October 30th, 3PM EST

Whitelist reservations are closed. They were assigned to the first discord members and via raffle.

If there are Letters yet to be minted by whitelisted wallets on October 30th at 3PM EST, we will open the remaining Letters to the public.

Yes! Make sure to join our discord for all future updates.